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▪ Rectifier type : IGBT rectifier
▪ Battery type : Lead-acid maintenance-free battery
▪ Frequency precision : 0.25%



ITA 10KVA Online UPS

Item Description
Brand Emerson(Now Vertiv)
Country of Origin USA
Rectifier type IGBT rectifier
Rated voltage 220 Vac single-phase three-wire/ 400VAC three-phase four-wire
Input voltage range single-phase 120Vac-288Vac
Input frequency range 45Hz-65Hz
Input power factor >=0.99 for single phase/>0.95 for three-phase
Charging capability >6h for 90% re-charging of standard model
Battery type Lead-acid maintenance-free battery
Battery backup time Standard back up
Battery brand Long/Leoch/Power guard/Equivalent
Battery Qty 16 pc
Battery Cabinet GBPL made( 1 unit) External
Rated power 10kVA/9KW
Rated Voltage Single-phase 220Vac
Voltage precision 3%
Frequency precision 0.25%
Output mode Terminal strip
Load crest factor 3:1 (comply with IEC62040-3)
Step load performance 100%
Overload performance
(% of the rated load)
105% – 125% 5mins, 125% – 150% 1 mins, 500ms for over 150%
System parameters and standard
Conversion type Online double conversion
Parallel mode Supporting up to N+1 parallel mode
Installation mode Rack/Tower Type
System efficiency >92.5%
Switching time (power failure) 0
Noise <55dB
Language Chinese/English
Whether LCD display is available Yes
Safety IEC/EN62040-1-1
IEC/EN 62040-2, IEC/EN61000-3-11, IEC/EN61000-3-12, YD/T1095-2008
Surge protection IEC/EN 62040-2, meeting IEC/EN61000-4.5
Protection level IP20
Isolation transformer External
Communication and management
Management software SiteMonitor SNMP(optional)
Interface type USB/intelligent slot
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature 0 – 40˚C
Relative humidity 5-95% without condensation
Altitude <1500m (when the altitude exceeds 1500m, derating is required
according to GB/T3859.2)


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