Best Money Counting Machine Price in Bangladesh 2019 with fake note detector,currency counting,automatic. portable,small, digital,bank, counterfeit,alarm function are available here.Call for Price: 01969633178

  • KINGTON JB-2000S Money Counting Machine

    Call for Price: 01969633178

    Note Holder Capacity: 200 notes at a time
    Applicable Note: All Bangladeshi Taka
    Counting Speed: 2.5 sec for 100 notes
    Counting Speed Variation: 2.5 sec, 3.0 sec, 3.5 sec,
    4.0 sec for 100 notes counting (4 speed slab)
    Counting Speed Control: By pressing one button only
    Fake Note Detection System: Built-in UV (Ultra Violate) light for fake note detection
    Display: Dual Display (one built-in and another connect by USB cable)
    Alarm: Built-in Dual Alarm (one for error counting detect and another for fake note detection)
    Machine Dimension (W x D x H): 350 x 400 x 790 mm
    Weight: 42 KG (gross)
    Power Consumption: 350 watt max. (in operating mode)
    Power Supply: AC 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz

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